Our dedication to providing innovative solutions affords us the ability to solve equine conditions through a combination of services.

Stem Cell Therapy

MESA uses Stemlogix technology (www.stemlogix.com) to obtain stem cells via harvesting the patients own fat tissue.  The stem cell laboratory located at MESA includes a laminar flow hood and Thermo Scientific centrifuge allowing this procedure to be performed in approximately 4 hours on-site.

The medical uses for these products (stem cell and PRP) continue to grow optimistically. Current uses at MESA include:

Tendon/ligament damage
Superficial and deep digital flexor tendons
Suspensory ligament tears
Collateral ligament tears of the coffin bone

Cartilage repair

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Navicular bursa injection
Classic navicular disease
Ligament and cartilage tears
Deep digital flexor tears

Laminitis (founder)

Eye disease (PRP only)
Severe corneal ulcers