Case Study.
Chronic Laminitis

Aeromin was a 26 year old half Arab mare found abandoned in a field without food or water in January of 2010.  She was 4/5 lame on both front feet and was determined to have chronic laminitis with abscessing.  Following a year of stall rest, corrective trimming, and daily NSAIDs, Aeromin was treated at MESA as a stem cell patient.  Stem cells were administered in both front feet via regional limb perfusion and her progress was evaluated based on radiographs and lameness/comfort.  The main goal in this case was to alleviate suffering and increase the horse’s quality of life as a companion.

Aeromin’s owner routinely left the stall door open without concern that she would stray, but 5 days after stem cell treatment Aeromin walked out of her stall without indication of pain.  Click on the link below to see the video of that afternoon.  Six and twelve months later Aeromin was given 2 successive PRP treatments which provided her further pain relief and bought her the gift of time.  Unfortunately Aeromin succumbed to her condition 1 year post stem cell treatment, but her last year was one with less pain and increased mobility.